NOVA 2023 Invitation released

Slipstream released the NOVA 2023 invitation at Outline 2023

During the Outline 2023 combined Demo competition NOVA had its inaugural 2023 invitation released, courtesy of the fine people of Slipstream!

You can run Life's A Beach in your web browser or watch a video capture on youtube:

Life's A Beach is a demo for the TIC-80, an open-source and free fantasy platform that mimics limitations and challenges from video game consoles from the 1980s. Such qualities are veritable flypaper for the demoscene, so it is a popular platform at demoparties. If you are interested in making TIC-80 demos, NOVA 2023 is a great place to meet and speak with talented TIC-80 sceners.

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NOVA has an entry fee of £50
Supporter and Subsidised options are available.