Nova Online 2020

19th - 21st June 2020

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About Nova

Pandemic or not, Nova isn't going anywhere!

It's been 15 straight years of UK Demoparty action - Sundown, Sunrise and Nova creating the great legacy showing the UK knows how to rock a party, and provide a great portion of fish and chips. Sadly, this year the party venue lays dormant due to the pandemic shaped elephant in the room, but that absolutely will not stop us from bringing the party to you in 2020. You might have to call your local takeaway for the Fish and Chips though.

Furthermore, if you've prepaid for the in-person NOVA 2020, your participation ticket is included and your entrance is rolled over for our next in person party, NOVA 2021 (dates to be confirmed).

We're working hard on assembling entertainment for the weekend - DJs, Competitions, Demo Shows, Features, Hangouts and more. If you want to get involved, get in touch!

Are you new to the Demoscene? The Demoscene is an international computer arts subculture that specialises in the creation of Demos - self-contained computer programs for computers old and new showcasing the very best in visual splendour and technical ability. Core to the subculture are Demoparties, the social outlet for like minds to convene, socialise and share knowledge.

We're assembling the weekends proceedings so will have more information for you soon, but for the moment you can start working on your entries and please feel free to register below.


We may not be able to meet in person but the team behind NOVA have been working hard to provide a weekend of entertainment for you.


This year we will have competitions in the form of the following:

  • Old School Music: Music made with obsolete computers and console with a maximum 2MB file size.
  • Streaming Music: Modern produced music in mp3, flac or ogg format.
  • Executable Music: Procedurally generated or synthesized music for modern hardware with a maximum 32KB file size (samples allowed).
  • ASCII / ANSI: Artwork created using fixed sized text characters and limited colour pallettes.
  • Photography: Submitted original works photograph, optionally with post-production.
  • Old School Graphics: Graphics on resolution and pallette limited hardware.
  • New School Graphics: Unrestrained graphics created on modern hardware.
  • FanZine256 Graphics: EvilPaul's new z80 based fantasy console (like Pico-8) - 256 colours, 256x256 resolution.
  • Teletext: From the days of CEEFAX, ORACLE and TELETEXT - Single frame Teletext graphics competition.
  • 4k Executable Graphics: Procedurally generated modern graphics competition with a 4KB filesize limit.
  • New School Intro: Music and Graphics realtime productions on modern hardware with a filesize 64KB and under.
  • New School Demo: Music and Graphics realtime productions on modern hardware with no filesize limit.
  • Old School Demo: Music and Graphics realtime productions on old school hardware.

Find out more about our Competitions and rules below.

Shader Showdown

It's the ultimate fight of knowledge, persistence and crowd-pleasing skills: Two coders face off writing a shader from scratch in 25 minutes, live on stream, with a DJ supporting them with pumping beats. The audience gets to watch both shaders evolve in parallel, enjoying the action and cheering on the participants. The objective is simple: At the end of the 25 minutes, whoever gets the most votes from the audience wins.

Our contestants this year are Insomniac/TZT, Evvvvil, Wrighter and LovelyHanibal, supported by DJ Mixes from d0pefish, rc55 and lug00ber.

Best of British

Outline Demoparty's head honcho Havoc has helped curate over seven hours of British Demoscene classics for you to enjoy over the weekend. 66 Demos have been captured and prepared, from 1986 all the way to 2020 including classics like Jesus on E's by LSD, Gaia Machina by Approximate and Way Too Rude by Logicoma and Loonies.

DJ Sets

DJ Sets this year are coming from Lynn, Subi - featuring Shader Visuals from Evvvvil and Wrighter, Kris, Ravi, Lug00ber and Hoffman - featuring laser work from Polynomial!

The Pub

Reality404 and Polynomial will be hanging out with some demoscene buddies in a chaotic and fun Zoom-style session using Jitsi to reflect on the entertainment of the evening and whatever else comes up, from Fish and Chips to homebrew beer and everything in-between!

Jackbox Games

As is the usual tradition, we'll be struggling through the hangover haze with a in-humour laden Jackbox Party Games session where we realise we don't understand the US references and carry on regardless. Almost certain to contain a shed-load of innuendo and silly banter.

Don't forget you can chat to us on Twitch or join the Demoscene Discord.



Friday 19th June 2020

18:00EventStream begins
18:15EventDJ Set: Lynn -
20:00CompoShader Showdown Semi-Finals: Insomniac, Wrighter, Evvvvil and LovelyHanibal, DJ mixes by d0pefish and rc55
21:00EventDJ Set: Subi feat. visuals by Evvvvil, Wrighter and Blackle Mori
22:30EventThe Pub - Chat and banter with Reality404, Polynomial and Guests until late

Saturday 20th June 2020

10:00EventStream begins
10:15EventThe Best of British Demoshow Part 1
12:00EventDJ Set: Kris
13:00EventDJ Set: Retro Ravi aka The Formula
14:00EventThe Best of British Demoshow Part 2
16:00CompoMusic Competitions: Old School Music, Streaming Music, Executable Music

Saturday 20th June 2020 - contd.

17:00CompoGraphics Competitions 1: ASCII/ANSI, Teletext, Old School Graphics, New School Graphics
18:00CompoGraphics Competitions 2: Photography, Executable Graphics, Fanzine256.
19:00CompoWild Competition
19:30EventIntermission Break
20:00CompoShader Showdown Final, DJ mix by lug00ber
21:00CompoDemo Competitions: New School Intro, New School Demo, Old School Demo
22:00EventDJ Set: Hoffman featuring laser visuals from Polynomial
23:00EventDJ Set: Lugoober (Drum and Bass)

Sunday 21st June 2020

00:00EventThe Pub - Chat and banter with Reality404, Polynomial and Guests until late
10:00EventBigscreen Games (Jackbox Party Games)
12:00EventCompetition Results
12:30EventParty Over, followed by The Best of British showcase


NOVA is free to watch online, however it costs only £20 to participate in competitions.

If you have already prepaid for NOVA 2020, this fee is covered for you and you are welcome to full free entry for Nova 2021 when this takes place. For anyone that pays the £20 entry fee from now, this will automatically entitle you to £20 off of Nova 2021 next year should you decide to visit.

  • Bank Transfer

    Make sure you register, and send a payment by BACS to MR R P FULLAM (Halifax), Sort Code 110298, Account 00148134 clearly marked NOVA in the reference field.

  • PayPal

    Send PayPal money as a gift to to avoid unnecessary fees.

  • Concessions

    If you cannot afford the entry fee, please feel free to contact and we will see if we can accomodate you. Challenging times and that, we'll help if we can!

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You can watch the party free on and join in the chat on Discord or Twitch chat also.

If you want to enter any productions to the party, you can register. This entitles you to vote so you do not have to buy a separate vote key.

If you would like to vote on the competitions, you can buy a vote key.

Contact us

You can contact us via e-mail, telephone, Facebook, Slack, IRC or Twitter.

  • Email

    Email if you have remote entries or any questions regarding the party.

  • Telephone

    Main organiser Ruairi Fullam (rc55) can be contacted at any point on 07882 450575.

  • Other

    Visit us on Facebook, Slack or Twitter - or you can catch us on Espernet #ukscene if you like.