NOVA 2023 adds Tiny Intro Competition

Two weeks ago rc55 holed up at Limp Ninja's Secret Treehouse to hammer away at the site content for 2023. A major part of that was updating the competition categories and rules with the emphasis on getting it right and out there.

One of the first questions in the Discord chat was "What about tiny intros -where are the byte compos?". The reply to this was "Good point!"

NOVA has seen it's share of small intro contributions before, most of the time these were relegated to other categories by way of platform or grouped with larger size disciplines. The size coding community has gained considerable momentum over the years, culimnating in steady competitions at existing parties and even dedicated parties like Lovebyte, complete with their own Annual Award ceremonies.

We're happy to announce that our earlier reply can be modified to "Here's the tiny intro competition!"

NOVA 2023 Tiny Intro Competition

  • For productions that take up to 256 bytes on oldschool, newschool and fantasy platforms.
  • We will split the Tiny Intro competition into separate 128 and 256 byte competitions if we we receive enough entries for both size discplines.
  • Please supply us with specific hardware and instructions on how to run your entry. Quality video captures and "compatible" binaries are highly appreciated.
  • Maximum running time for entries shown on screen is 5:00 -including loading times.

The competition rules have been updated to reflect this. Feel free to have a look.


The tiny intro competition covers a wide spectrum of platforms and we cannot cover all the gotchas and loopholes for each platform without making this a very long read. So we're going to have to rely on two magic bullet points:

  1. General rules re. "Don't be an idiot" and "don't cheat" apply. Don't be cheeky and use external sources other than the binary. Don't rely on a giant runtime being present on the compo machine.
  2. Observe the common courtesy of Lovebyte's 128 byte and 256 byte compos and you should be fine.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about contributing to the Tiny Intro category!