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Greetings from OOP NORFF! ;)

Ayup lads and lasses!

If you're not familiar with the C64 scene, I'm that C64 musician called Conrad.   Responsible for tunes like "Intrinsic", "Sleepless Work", "Darling Grease", as well as one of the first 2SID collections, "Sid Dualux".  Check it out on CSDb or pouet.

Just wanted to say hi on here.   Long overdue really wink   (Hi Devistator, Ne7, Motion/GMI, etc!)

I usually visit C64/8-bit demoparties abroad (mainly Silesia (Poland), Forever (Slovakia), and X (Netherlands)), but I would like to come to Sundown eventually... this year hopefully!

Best regards,


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Re: Greetings from OOP NORFF! ;)

Hey Conrad mate, good to see you here.. its not that active at all, I guess facebook has taken over for communications coming up to Sundown.  will be nice to meet you there! Hopefully will get something done on c64 for SD, we'll see..

Cant wait for the party!



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