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Lets build ukdemoscene.org into a real site!

Hey everyone,

I have had a good old think about this for a long while and I reckon it'd be pretty awesome if we worked together to create a ukdemoscene.org site - something basic to start with. Here's a few ideas:

- Main news feed (for upcoming party trips, pub meets and other bits and bobs)
- Aggregated news (from UK Sceners blogs like smash, dvs, reenigne, doz, etc.)
- Interviews with UK sceners (I think it'd be great if people shared more about what they do; games industry / fpga / etc).
- Introduction / Re-introduction guide for new and returning sceners.
- Resource links (dbf forums, pouet, displayhack, scene.org etc).
- Also of interest links (stuff like Retro Computer Museum, BIT Live, EAB).
- User map / profiles - so people can find local sceners.
- "Clean" Pouet - all pouet productions are exportable via "xnfo" - it'd be nice to offer a clean / friendly front end for people to watch / download demos - maybe with no comments or a separate comment mechanism. There's obviously an issue of fragmentation there but it would be cool to have a way to show demos to people without all the b/s on Pouet comments. Or do we wait for Demozoo? I think we should wait for Demozoo. Hmm!

Maybe later on we could add something to assist with shared journeys to places also. If we implement these as WordPress plug-ins, we could shove them on Github for others to use too.

I'm really keen to put some good time into this - would anyone fancy joining me on such an endevour?

I could get a WordPress install up pretty quickly and we can nab a theme from ThemeForest or perhaps somewhere else to get a neat design in place. Content really will be king here I guess!



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Re: Lets build ukdemoscene.org into a real site!

Excellent propositions, if I can help a little I will smile


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Re: Lets build ukdemoscene.org into a real site!

sounds great.

i'm especially interested in the resources side of things  and through watching them come and go have been pondering how to better help 'returnee's' stay

the DBF coding challenges really got me stuck in

i'd love more on the history of the ukscene itself as a separate entity from the euro scene

i'm going to make my own blog in the near future (once i come up with a domain name)

in the mean time all my links to resources i use can be found here

http://www.protopage.com/canopyseer#Unt … evelopment


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