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Revision 2014 - Saarbrücken, Germany - 18th-21st April 2014

While not officially announced as yet, Revision is due to take place in Saarbrucken, Germany next Easter weekend as usual.

Deltafire has booked flights to go from Manchester to Frankfurt Main (not Hahn) from Thursday 17th April (12:35 - 15:20), returning Monday 21st April (16:40 - 17:30) flying with Lufthansa costing around £135.

I have booked flights to go from London Heathrow to Frankfurt Main (not Hahn) from Thursday 17th April (13:50 - 16:30), returning Monday 21st April (18:40 - 19:20) flying with British Airways costing around £96. I searched using SkyScanner, but booked using their link to British Airways to get the price (the Opodo link was about £30 more expensive).

Note we are both arriving a day early which will probably not be covered by the Revision hotel bookings, we'll explore the town somewhat!

As of right now, British Airways are around the same price as RyanAir - so it's worth checking both.

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